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Synchronicity, luck and chance:

This is the first phase of a scientific experiment about luck, chance and synchronicity.

If you would like participate, click the "Synchronicity experiment" button. You will be asked to answer 15 questions about your luck in the last few months.The test will take about 3 minutes.

When you finish, you will be given scientific information about your luck.

Please answer all questions correctly and honestly.

You can take the test as many times as you want, but always answer the questions with complete sincerity.

Thank you very much for your collaboration.

For more information, please contact Rogelio Doutˇn, clinical psychologist, member 3419 of the Colegio de Psicologos de Catalunya (Spain).

13.239 responses to the questionnaire.

Project starts: 0:50 AM, September, 23th 2007 

Last update: 0:00 AM, April, 14th 2013



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